Mascot Madness!

By: Samantha Cooper

Goucher’s old mascot design

Last semester, in Fall 2016, Goucher College announced that they were re-designing the school’s mascot. The new mascot is a stylized blue and yellow gopher, however the full design has not yet been released. In a statement released to The Goucher Eye, Director of Athletics Geoffrey Miller said, due to the changes made there was “a desire to have a completely fresh start with the name, look and design.”

Goucher’s new mascot design

On February 16, the Athletic Department surprised the school by announcing that they were planning to re-name the mascot as well. Mortimer, the Goucher gopher will end up with one of these four monikers based on student votes.

  1. Rowdy
  2. Decker
  3. Dulaney
  4. Diggity

The poll is here:

Students may also view the results on the same website.

The final results will be announced on February 22.

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