B.A.M. Radio

By: Clyde Tatum

On Thursday,  February 16th, B.A.M. Radio we covered a group called “The Year of the Ox”. This group consist of two Asian rappers (LYRICKS and JL) from New York with the lyrics and the beats to be considered one of the best new rappers. We were not able to talk about all of their great songs or the deep meaning behind them but one of the songs we weren’t able to cover is called “Can’t Breathe.” In this song, LYRICKS covers how he feels about police brutality and his view of the situations there. I cannot explain this song as well as he did but check it out. If you missed our last episode that covered this group or would like to hear other good artist visit our YouTube channel or Goucher’s internet radio every Thursday at 7.

B.A.M’s Youtube channel can be found here:


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