Ariana Grande’s Grand concert

By: Lily Margola

On Monday March 27, Ariana Grande proved that she was a dangerous woman by giving a memorable performance at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. Grande performed many songs from her newest album, Dangerous Woman, as well as a few from her previous album entitled My Everything.

Grande performed twenty-one songs and never once lost her high-energy. She sang and danced for over an hour and thirty minutes with only three short breaks, just to change her costume. Her vocals never weaned, even through the high belts and riffs in almost every song. Some highlights included songs Midnight” and Sometimes.” These songs showcased her rage and slowed things down.

There was one moment where a zipper on one of Grande’s iconic thigh-high boots broke and it fell down. She sang and dance through all of that and didn’t miss a note or step.

Grande did not hesitate to put some powerful messages in her performance. During one costume change a video played with video of her with words that she identifies with. The one phrase that repeated was “Not asking for it”. This is an important statement that shows girls and women that they should be able to express themselves no matter if people say they are “Asking for it”. During one song, there were projections of the silhouette of couples. There were three couples projected. One with two men, one with two women, and one with a man and a woman. Grande is supporting all types of relationships, not just ones that are heterosexual.

One of the best parts of the show were the technical aspects. The choreography, set pieces, special effects, and lighting made the performance feel almost magical. The stage had platforms that could pop out of the floor which added to the dynamic of the concert. There were times where they had the lights look like pillars which fit the architecture of the building that was being projected behind the performance. There was also smoke and fire at some points of the set which made it even more exciting.

The opening acts did not disappoint either. Victoria Monét’s forty-five-minute set was short but was full of upbeat and powerful songs. The four women in Little Mix belted out some of their hits including “Wings”, “Salute”, “Black Magic” and “Shout Out to My Ex”. These two acts pumped up the crowd just enough to get everyone excited for the main performance.

Grande ended the show with her iconic song “Dangerous Woman.” The U.S. tour began on February 3 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Talking Stick Resort Arena and will continue through mid-April.


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