No more food, no more books…What now?

By: Jade Mobbs

The beloved food store Trader Joe’s and renowned bookstore Barnes and Noble will be closing their doors in Towson.

Gasps and groans were heard around campus last week as the word spread that Trader Joe’s and Barnes and Noble located at Towson Circle will be closing. As reported in The Baltimore Sun, Trader Joe’s will shut up shop March 16th and Barnes and Noble in May.

Staff at both  stores were unable to comment on any information regarding closure dates or the effect the closure would have on themselves and the community.

Both local stores are visited often by Goucher students and so the closure will affect much of the community. Isabella Marini ‘20 spoke of how Trader Joe’s is the “perfect little treat yourself place.” She also said, “A lot of Goucher College students are athletes and it’s one of those healthier stores to shop at.” The closure of Trader Joe’s will leave students with one less alternative to campus meals.

Barnes and Noble is also a favorite amongst Goucher students, perhaps influenced by the ever-needed coffee available from the Starbucks in the store. Julia Hirsch ‘19 stated she was “frustrated” with the closure. “All of our book options are pretty much gone,” she said in reference to the closure of another bookstore Ukazoo which closed in Towson last year. Julia also commented on how Towson has changed since she has been in the community, “I understand that the infrastructure of Towson is changing, there have been a number of shifts in the last 5 years.”

According to The Baltimore Sun, there are plans that the stores will be replaced with “mid-rise apartments,” further changing the appearance and trade of Towson.  

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