The Dream Peddler-Chapter 2

By: Benji Gutsin

The girl’s face lit up with utmost glee. “That one! I want to have that dream!” she said reaching out for the small vial.

The Dream Peddler nodded and gave her a pat on the head. “Okay, little one, it’s yours. But you have to promise not to lose it.” They opened up the vial then poured the dream into the palm of their hand, passing it to the girl. “Careful now, a dream is a fragile thing. You must be kind to it. Make sure that you don’t break it or it will become corrupt again.”

“I’ll be careful, I promise,” she said. She pocketed her new dream in her dress, giving the young peddler a big smile. “Thank you, Dream Peddler!” she said, giving them a hug pressing her head into their flat chest, wrapped her arms around their waist. “Will you walk me to school? Please?” She wondered looking up at them with big doe eyes.

“Is it far from here? I’m expecting a few customers in an hour or so.”

Loraine shook her head. “It’s not that far I promise.” She began tugging on their arm. “Come on! Let’s go! Pleeeeease! I don’t want to go all alone and by myself. It’s scary.”

The Peddler sighed. They couldn’t say no to that. “Okay, okay. You’ve twisted my arm. I’ll walk with you to school,” they said and allowed themself to be pulled out of the shop as Loraine lead the way into the side of the streets.

“Do you like school?” the Dream Peddler asked after a few moments.

“Um, it’s okay I guess. Our teacher is really nice. Her name is Miss Molly.”

“An alliteration name? How pleasant. Do you like what you are learning? Do you have a favorite subject?”

Loraine scratched her chin in thought as they continued walking down the main street. “Um… I like when we read stories a lot. So, probably that…I guess.”

“What’s your favorite part about it?”

Loraine shrugged. “I don’t know, the characters maybe? I like the idea of being in other people’s shoes or going to silly wild places.”

“I like that idea too.”

Loraine and the Dream Peddler continued to walk, Loraine holding the Dream Peddler’s hand when they needed to cross or street, or just because she wanted to. From time to time her small head would lightly bump against their hip. It was always curious to the Dream Peddler how children got up so early.

It didn’t take long for them to walk past the bakery. Loraine pressed her cheeks and nose to the glass looking at all the wonderful tarts and cakes that had been masterfully decorated in the window. “I want that one…And that one…And that one for my friend Tommy…And that one for his dad so he’s not sad anymore…but that’s one is mine. Oh! And that one.”

The Dream Peddler watched for a moment or two from a distance before breaking her concentration. “Loraine, we need to go to school,” the Dream Peddler reminded.

“Oh, right. Coming!” she said and ran back over to the Peddler to hold their hand the rest of the way there.

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