The realization of making it half way… via caffeine!

By: Shauna Wright

I haven’t written anything for the Eye in a while, but now that I’ve returned from Spring Break and am another week into the semester (I still cannot believe where the time has gone) I thought it would be fitting to have a mini reflection of my time thus far.

As an exchange student I have realised and would like to remind pending participants of an exchange programme, how therapeutically rewarding it can be to reflect. Remember to congratulate yourself on what you’ve achieved and how you’ve grown. You may not realise how much you’ve grown until you look back at who you were before jumping on a plane. Cliché, I know. But, I don’t care. I am so glad that I have fully immersed myself into my new surroundings: unapologetically putting myself out there has been totally worth it.

Each week at Goucher is a different experience for me. This past weekend I attended part of a philosophy conference in the Alumnae house. I’ve never taken a philosophy class in my life, but it’s something that interests me so I thought why not? The student paper presentations were engagingly diverse and I walked away having had good conversations and free food. What’s not to like? The sandwiches and cookies were alarmingly good BTW.

Establishing the individuality each week possesses has resulted in a realisation of how special it is here. Goucher is full of engaging people bursting with fresh ideas. I’m looking forward to squeezing as much out of my remaining time as I can. However, it’s only right that I give some credit to my study buddy: Coffee.

Yes, I am a coffee consumer through and through. Latte, cappuccino, fresh brew, americano, flat white or macchiato? I don’t discriminate. I LOVE YOU ALL. I also blame you for taking the majority of my Flex dollars. I just can’t resist an iced Vanilla latte and soft but chewy bagel with cream cheese from Alice’s. Strange for someone with such good discipline. Oh and just how a bagel should be might I add! but, anyway, damn willpow… FOOD power*

Whilst on the topic of scrummy food, during Spring Break I was lucky enough to come across a delightful Italian café in Little Italy, Baltimore City. My parents came to visit me all the way from London and yes, of course we did all of the cliché things of visiting my favourite places in the Baltimore area.

We stumbled across a sweet authentic looking café down a side road whilst on the hunt for coffee. Beautifully decorated, smelling delightful and could easily be mistaken for a museum of Italian breads. Sitting ourselves at a table we turned to our right and noticed three young ladies enthusiastically chatting away. Each of them with an artistic slab of tiramisu, almost glowing in front of them.

We soon discovered that the owner of the café is credited for the invention of tiramisu. It was only polite to try a piece. We ended up sharing one between us as we wanted to save our appetite for the restaurant that we were planning to attend that evening. The tiramisu was out of this world. So, many thanks to the café that I can’t actually seem remember the name of.

I know that my articles are not very structured, pretty random and nothing particularly serious. Thinking about my personality I notice a perfect juxtaposition. This is probably the exact reason behind why I am enjoying it. I wanted creative freedom and the possibility to express myself through words all while giving something interesting, or at least kind of interesting to my readers. Anyway, enough waffle for now: pun intended. I’ve got some more reflecting to do which I’m sure will not be absent in my next article.

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