Senate and President Debates

Video Captured and Article Written By: Kianna Haskin 

Sunday afternoon in the Hyman forum, Goucher Student government senate and president candidates for 2017 – 2018 school year had a debate about important topics regarding Goucher students’ concerns. These topics were decided by a poll sent out to Goucher students via e-mail.

Senate Candidates are Dylan Margolis, Ahmed Ibrahim, William Kinsely-Durham, Patricia Osighala, and Francie Cook. Ibrahim did not speak at the debate.

President Candidates are Lee Block and Lancelot Naipier-Kane. Block did not take part in the debate. Current President Lydell Hills, met with Block prior to the debate to record his answers. Due to technical difficulties, Block’s recording was sent in a follow-up email by the Goucher Student Government. 

Topics for both Senate and President candidates were; Bon Appetit, Racism, and Construction. The first half of the debate can be found in the video below. The second half has been uploaded to Facebook due to space constraints.

(Correction: The article originally stated the second video would be uploaded to the site. The second video has been uploaded to Facebook.)

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