Mortimer retires!

By: Samantha Cooper

Goucher College held a retirement press conference for Mortimer the Gopher on March 29th. Earlier this year, the athletic department announced that they would be retiring Mortimer. A poll was held to determine the design and name of the new mascot, which has yet to be released.

Mortimer has been the campus mascot since November 1991, though his design changed many times throughout the years. The new mascot, however, will still be a gopher and will be named either Rowdy, Decker, Dulaney or Diggity.

The press conference can be found here on the Goucher College Athletics Facebook page.

(Correction 4/11/2017: The original version of the article misstated the date that Mortimer was created. It said Mortimer was created in 1976. )

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