Zombie attack

By: Samantha Cooper

From March 28th to April 1st, about 103 Goucher students will be participating in a game of Humans vs. Zombies.

This version of tag was created by a group of Goucher students in 2005. The website credits Brad Sappington and Chris Weed with its creation. Since then, the game has become immensely popular; it is played on college campuses throughout the United States and the world.

There are different versions of the game, though Goucher students stick closely to the original rules. The basic rules of the game are that all the players begin as humans and one is chosen at random to be the Original Zombie (OZ). The OZ tags humans to turn them into zombies. Zombies must tag a tuman every 48 hours or they starve and are out of the game. Zombies win if they tag all the humans. Humans win by surviving long enough for zombies to starve. The limited time they have to play the game ensures that it won’t go on forever.

Humans are identified by wearing a headband around their arm or limb. They are allowed to stun zombies with wadded socks, Nerf guns or similar toys. If they are tagged, they must give the zombie their game I.D. card so they can log in their “kill.” After an hour passes, they may re-join the game as a zombie.

Zombies are identified by wearing a bandanna around their head. They must firmly tag their opponent and then report it. If they are hit, they are out of the game for 15 minutes.

In order to facilitate gameplay, humans are sent on missions that draw them into the open. However, there are certain areas of campus that are designated as “Safe Zones” meaning that zombies are not allowed to tag humans, while they are in the zones though humans are permitted to stun zombies. These include dorm rooms and dining halls.

Other areas of campus are “No Play Zones” which means that no game play can take place. No Play Zones include bathrooms, the Health Center, the library, the Student Recreation Center and any of the academic buildings.

People who are not playing the game may not interfere or help either team.

This weekly tournament will not be the only round held this semester. An invitational is scheduled for April 22nd where anyone, including Goucher Alum and students from other colleges may participate.

(Photo Credit: Goucher’s Humans vs. Zombies Facebook Page)


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