New President, New Policies

By: Samantha Cooper

In order to give students a chance to meet with the new Student President and Senate, Goucher Student Government held a small dinner and meeting on April 4th. During this meeting, last year’s president Lydell Hills ’18 stepped down and passed the torch to Lancelot Napier Kane ’19 and gave a speech about his time as President. Hills took the time to thank the president before him, Deanna Galer ’17 and discussed what he had learned from her.

One thing, he discussed learning from her, was how to delegate. Students who were around while Galer was President would know that her name was attached to everything that she did, and she took on a lot of work on her own. From this, Hill said, he learned how to delegate and spread out necessary work to his senators or to other people in clubs or groups. “When I took office…I focused on other senators [and how they could] be leaders in their own organization….rather than put all the work on my shoulders.

Afterwards, he gave thanks to each member of the senate from the past year, thanking them for their work and sharing a memory or two he had with them. Then both of the presidential candidates gave speeches. Lee Block ’20, who was elected as one of the senators for the Class of 2020 spoke about how pleased he was with the results and the “pervasive problems” he wanted at Goucher.

Lancelot Napier-Kane ’19 spoke a little, and The Goucher Eye met with him to go more in-depth about his goals for the up-coming year.“[It feels] humbling [to have been elected President], definitely puts into perspective the work that I have to do and really last night solidified that as being very real. But, over the weekend I did a lot of planning about what my meeting structure would look like and my general aims and directions…It really feels like it’s coming together,” he said. Napier-Kane wants to have a planned agenda during the first half and then an open space during the second half of GSG meetings. This is in order to “tackle issues of precedence and then go into constructive work that we just need to be doing in general.”

No plans will be set in motion before he meets with the Senate, though Napier-Kane will be helping lead a budget meeting on the evening of April 5th. However, he is very excited about the people he will be working with and plans to lead some team boding exercises for everyone. The Senate seems to have similar interests in what they want to tackle: the budget, title XI, the smoking ban and Bon Appetit were all mentioned as being issues the Senate is interested in tackling.

“I’m not going to give power to any decisions I don’t see a real need on campus for,” he said when asked how he will represent the students on campus. By this time next year, he’s like a formal structure for addressing student input, and a way to make student voices more heard.

The final issue discussed dealt with topics that are issues on campus that the average student generally wouldn’t be aware of. They mostly around the idea that things the school has said they have dealt, actually haven’t been solved. He named the racist and homophobic incidents that have happened at Goucher during the semester as examples. The administration seems to indicate that these are lone events done by an individual rather than as part of a larger issue.

There are many other issues happening on campus that will be dealt with by these student leaders and by the administration. The Goucher Eye will continue to cover these issues and GSG’s plans for dealing with them as they arise.

(Photo credit: Kianna Haskin)

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