Getting into GIG

By: Lillian Margola

One of Goucher’s most popular events, “Get Into Goucher” (GIG), is on April 7th. Everyone is really excited for this annual event.  For those of you who don’t know, GIG is a spring carnival that Goucher has for its students every year. Afternoon classes are cancelled. There are bands that perform, game and activities, and food available.

A lot of the students take this opportunity to have some fun. There are many parties that go on during the day. Though not everyone chooses to drink alcohol at GIG, many people do.  As a student who chooses to stay sober, I was nervous to participate in GIG in the past. I ended up having a really fun time with the activities and music they had last year. I have four things that can make GIG a fun experience for everyone!

  1. Surround yourself with friends: Go have some fun with the people you care about! You and your friends will have a great time with the games and other activities they have at GIG. This will also help you and your friends stay in a safe environment!
  2. Listen to some great music: There is always some really great musicians that play at GIG. This year the artists include Jonny Ha$h, Johnny Popcorn, and Never Ending Fall. Go support these great bands!
  3. Be respectful of all people participating in GIG: Though many people choose to drink during GIG, not everybody does. Be respectful of the people who choose to stay sober and do not force them to do anything that they don’t want to do. Though I have only participated in GIG one time, I was never pressured into doing anything, but this is just to make sure everyone is having a fun time sober or not. This goes both ways, if you are sober be respectful of the people who are drinking, and if you see somebody in an unsafe situation try to help them out of it.
  4. Have fun be safe: In high school, my gym teacher had a saying; At the end of class each day she would always say “have fun be safe”. I think that this is the perfect situation to use this phrase. Everyone, have fun at GIG, but make sure you are safe. If you or someone you know is in an unsafe situation at GIG get help. GIG is a spring celebration and is supposed to be fun!


Have a fun and safe GIG everyone!

(Photo Credit: Goucher College)


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