Student employment policy gets updated

By: Kianna Haskin

Acknowledging issues in the previous student employment policy, the Student Council repealed the document and has begun to make revisions. On Wednesday April 5, Ahmed Ibrahim Juhas, gave an update on the student employment policy.

One issue the Student Council addressed with the revision of the policy was the number of jobs a student can obtain at a time. “Some people on campus would have five or six jobs while others wouldn’t even be able to have a job on this campus,” Juhas said. Students are now limited to two jobs per semester. If a student wishes to obtain more hours, they can apply for the Supplemental Work Program (SWP).

The SWP requires students to submit a work portfolio, a resume, cover letter, and a statement of resource in order to be considered eligible for another job. Along with these requirements, a letter of intent must be submitted to the Career Development Office (CDO).  This will determine if the student actively needs the SWP. If the SWP is not granted, the student won’t be able to obtain a third job.

There are four type of jobs offered at Goucher:

Level one jobs, are supervised and employees are paid minimum wage. Library desk assistants and Informational Technology assistants are considered to be level one jobs.

Level two jobs, require students to operate without supervision on occasion. Students employed at level two jobs are paid two dollars over the minimum wage. A student who is a Supplemental Instructor or employed by the CDO is considered be working at a level two job.

Level three jobs are considered to be salaried jobs. These jobs require a  student to work unsupervised and complete the work beyond paid hours, if necessary. A Resident Assistant or First Year Mentor are considered to be level three jobs.

“Salary jobs, actually don’t work for the hours that level 1 and 2 do. They work to get the job done. RA’s work to make sure the hall and the community within the building are as you know. IT managers oversee the entire IT department and how each student worker are working,” Juhas said.

Temporary jobs are typically less than four weeks long and don’t count towards the two job limit.

The second largest change to the policy, is the amount of money a student can earn in a school year. “We are not putting a number on the amount of money that a student can earn,”  Juhas said.

The new policy will be implemented in the fall, due to the new budget and financial year starting in July.

(Photo Credit: Goucher College)

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