By: Amielia Gilbert

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Get into Goucher Day, is when the Goucher community comes together to celebrate being Gophers. This  year’s GIG was hosted in the Athenaeum with inflatables, food, and live music.

The weather definitely had an affect on how people experienced GIG this year. Other than being in the Athenaeum, students spent time in their friend’s rooms, getting food on and off campus, and relaxing.

Goucher students were asked about the GIG experience this year:

Aria Eghbal said, “I thought GIG was pretty good this year but I thought some of the activities last year were more interesting like the bungee and the tables on Van Meter. It made sense to have it in the Ath but I also wish the weather could have been nicer (no one’s control) so we could’ve been outside more. I feel like I’m in the Ath so much to do work that it was hard to be there for fun, but I liked the arcade games and thought the t-shirts were cool!”

Nailah Jones said, “GIG was okay. I feel it was like kinda rushed. But, that was because of the weather. [I] just wonder what it would’ve been like if it was outside.”

Nathaniel Magloire said, “GIG would have been more lively if the weather wasn’t bad, but I had a good time anyway.”

Roshanna Small said, “Better luck next year.”

Jaida Scarborough said, “GIG was alright this year. The previous years were a lot more fun. It was cold outside, but they should have had it somewhere else, like the gym, somewhere other than the Ath.”

Alex Alveranger said, “GIG was boring.”

(Photos by: Amielia Gilbert)

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