A Whole Bunch of It


 By : Kianna Haskin 

Matt Shore ’19, a New England native, and Goucher College student, released his newest EP, A Whole Bunch of It, on Friday, April 15 in the Thormann Center. Shore performed with guest drummer Grayson Yachup and bass player Stefan Parrott.

Shore started playing guitar when he was in second grade. His father gifted him a blue junior electric guitar. He made a promise to Shore that if he practiced every day, he would get a guitar for his birthday. “My father was in a band and I wanted to be like him,” said Shore.

At the age of eleven, Shore began attending a non-profit music school in his hometown. He took part in the rock band program offered, which allowed him to grow and develop as an artist. The program put kids into groups with an instructor, who would give music lessons and help them in developing a rock band.

“The program is one week long. Each band has to do one cover song and one original song. I was challenged to write music and when you are eleven or twelve, it is hard. Writing music is really hard. But I really wanted to get better,” stated Shore. Being a part of the program allowed Shore to create networks of people who know how to play music.

Shore has been a part of many bands throughout his twenty years of life. At the age of thirteen, he played guitar for a band comprised of his close friends called Fuzz. “We thought that we were really cool and played at the 8th-grade dances,” stated Shore.

In high school, Shore helped create a band called Delightful Abode, which he remained with until his senior year. “I wrote most of the songs for them and that was when I really started to find my style and develop as a songwriter,” Shore said. By his senior year, Shore began to work as a solo artist. In 2015 Shore produced his first solo EP.

Throughout his past decade of writing and playing music, Shore has been developing his special musical style. Shore used to be strictly indie rock mixed with elements of folk. Recently, though, he has discovered a love for electronic music. In his most recent EP, A Whole Bunch of It, Shore combined his new-found love with his past passions to create the unique sounds found on the EP.

When asked about his experiences in creating A Whole Bunch of It, Shore said, “This year, I had gone through a lot of writer’s block. This was the first time this year that I had put out any original music.”

The first song on the EP, “Elephants In My Room”,  is about Shore’s writer’s block. He expresses his frustrations and trying to overcome them through metaphorical elephants. The second song, “Walk On the Trails”, is based on the Goucher trails and how Shore enjoys going out for a walk to calm down and destress. The last song, “The Race To Slow Down”, expresses getting worked up about school work and taking a step back to organize oneself.

I only write about things in my life and things that I know,” said Shore.

To download Matt Shores Music: 

BandCamp: https://mattshore.bandcamp.com/album/a-whole-bunch-of-it-ep

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mattshoremusic/sets/a-whole-bunch-of-it-ep?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook

To follow Shore’s musical journey:  https://www.facebook.com/MattShoreMusic/

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