Fire Breaks Out in Stimson

By: Samantha Cooper

On Saturday, April 22, a fire broke out underneath Stimson dining hall. The fire, according to Captain Marks, was started because, “There was a plastic cover on a heating and air conditioning unit in the basement that caught on fire, creating smoke in the building.” There was mild damage to the unit itself, but not to the building. The dining hall will be able to re-open, though he did not give a time as to when Stimson will open. The dorms are open, and undamaged so students may return. As of 7:00 p.m, Goucher College has not released a statement regarding the incident.

The cause of the fire was unclear to the Bon Appetit faculty and Goucher staff. They were originally unsure of whether Stimson would be able to re-open. Two different versions of the cause were given to The Goucher Eye by an unnamed Bon Appetit staff member and Dean Bryan Coker before Captain Marks released his statement to The Goucher Eye. 

No students or staff were injured.

This article will be updated as more information is released.

Update: At 7:50 PM Director of Public Safety, David Heffer released an e-mail to the Goucher Community. Public Safety responded to a fire alarm at 5:52 PM, and the Fire Department arrived at 5:57 PM. The e-mail stated: ” At this time we believe that the fire was caused by a mechanical pump that overheated.” Stimson Dining Hall will re-open at 11:00 AM tomorrow, Sunday April 23rd.


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(Photo and Video Credit:  Samantha Cooper)

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