Samantha Cooper’s final scoop

The school year is almost over; there’s only a few more days left of class before finals week arrives. For seniors like me, we get a whole week of activities after exams to celebrate before graduation. Of course, I am nervous, excited, anxious and a mix of many other emotions all at once. But, at least I feel good knowing I’m leaving Goucher a little better than when I came.

The Goucher Eye has come a long way since we launched in February. At the last check, we’ve received around 13,000 views in total. In the month of April, we received around 5,600 views. I didn’t expect us to grow so quickly. But now that we’ve laid down our foundation, The Goucher Eye can only get bigger when school begins again.

As the founder of The Goucher Eye, it feels great knowing that this publication has already started to make its mark on this campus. People are reading us, people are relying on us and we’re making a difference on campus. There’s still a lot of work to be done, and a lot of ways we can improve. But, I know I’m leaving it in good hands.

Kianna Haskin has been with us since February. She appeared shortly after an incident that left The Goucher Eye struggling to get its head above water. She designed the entire website on her own, has written countless articles, taken even more pictures and has helped me make difficult decisions. I know I’m leaving the website in good (and arguably more capable) hands.

The Goucher Eye would be nowhere without her.

I would also like to thank our advisor, David Zurawik who has been there for us through the many trials, tribulations and text messages. He has been a huge supporter of The Goucher Eye since its inception back in September and has helped us with the many issues that come with starting a student newspaper.

We’ve had so many great writers and reporters who have helped contribute and cement our focus on all different topics: videos, technology, sports, food, and more. Hopefully, many of them will remain with us next semester. And hopefully, many more will join us when the new school year begins.

But as for this semester; it has been one of the most memorable (and busiest) I’ve had at Goucher and I’m glad my college career is ending this way. It’s not the way I completely expected my time here to go, but I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the way things have turned out. And it reinforces the biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout these four years: Things will rarely go the way you expect (or plan) and that’s okay.

I have no idea where I’ll be at this time next year. I could be working at one of any number of newspapers in the United States, or even in Japan. I could be working for an online-only news source or as a free-lance writer. But what I do know is that Goucher and The Goucher Eye will have helped me on my journey.

I would like once again to thank everyone who has been a part of The Goucher Eye whether you have been a reporter, contributor or reader for helping us get to where we are today. I greatly appreciate it.


I will miss you all and hope you have a great summer.


Samantha Cooper



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