Goucher Tattoos

By: Lauren Pirrung

The end of the spring semester in Maryland always calls for warmer weather, shorter clothing, and lots of skin showing. On Goucher’s campus, it’s not uncommon to see tattoos making their debut.

You may see Goucher students displaying their ink on Van Meter while they’re making their way to class, or on the Great Lawn while they’re throwing around a frisbee or tanning. Wherever you are on Goucher’s campus, you probably have someone near you who has a tattoo.

Anyone with ink knows the common questions; “Did it hurt?” “Is it real?” and “What does it mean?” Some students hold their ink very close to their hearts and keep it to themselves. Others may love sharing their tattoo stories with total strangers. A select group of students were open enough to share their tattoos and their stories with the Goucher community.


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  1. No offense but these pictures are terrible and don’t do justice at all to some of these quality tattoos. I can’t even tell what some of them are supposed to be because the picture is that bad.

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