Welcome Back To Goucher


Video Captured by: Joel Nadler 
“Far from Fantasy” composed by: Aidan De Ricco 


Dear Goucher Students and Faculty,

As the summer has come to an end and classes are now in full swing, I hope everyone stays tuned to the stories that surround you. Keeping up with the news and accurate facts are the keys to maintaining a democracy.

The Goucher Eye is here to serve the public with fact based news, focused in and around your community. This year our goal is to provide more audio and visual aspects to the articles we publish.

I wish you all the best of luck this school year, study hard and keep an open mind toward things that make you uncomfortable. Be adventurous, have fun and welcome to Goucher Class of 2021.

Best Wishes,
Kianna Haskin the Senior Editor of the Goucher Eye


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