Winds Wreak Havoc on Goucher’s Campus

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Photos and article by Ben Libeskind

On Friday March 2nd, the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area experienced high winds reaching up to 70mph as reported by the National Weather Service. MARC and VRE commuter rail services were cancelled and power outages affected 700,000 in the D.C. area. Students at Goucher reported a series of brief power outages lasting no longer than a minute at approximately 3:30pm. Public Safety advised the Goucher community to stay out of wooded areas and construction sites on and around campus.

The winds on the Goucher campus were strong enough to blow metal lids off of their trash cans and across the lawn in front of Heubeck. At the same time, a metal fascia trim on the Heubeck roof was violently fluttering in the wind. Public safety was subsequently alerted. David Heffer stepped out to survey the damage. At that moment, the piece of fascia trim folded with a metallic bang, tearing half of it off the fascia. Students leaving the main entryway of Heubeck were startled by the unexpected noise. First-year student Tom Gernon arrived on scene with a camera and tripod to capture the fluttering fascia trim. Seconds after the tripod was set up, it blew over in the wind, sending the camera crashing to the ground.

The wind was strong enough to down trees, including one that fell across the driveway of the President’s House which was chopped into manageable segments and cleared from the driveway. Another tree fell, narrowly missing the President’s House. On the lawn in between Stimson Hall and Gamble House, a tree fell. Since it was not blocking any roads or walkways, public safety did not respond immediately. Students reported other fallen trees near the main campus entrance. They were not blocking any roads.

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