How to Get to BWI Airport on a Budget

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Article by Ben Libeskind 

As spring break nears, many students prepare to fly out from Baltimore Thurgood Marshall International Airport (BWI). Unfortunately, the hassles of flying begin before arrival at the airport. Getting to the airport can be a challenge especially when time and budget is cut short. If is the case, here are some ways of getting from Goucher to Baltimore Thurgood Marshall International Airport:

  1. Lyft/Uber: Simply take Lyft or Uber non-stop to Thurgood Marshall International Airport. This is fastest, most convenient, but priciest way of getting there with prices ranging from approximately 45 to 75 dollars. Of course, this fare can be split with another rider if one is found.
  2. Bus and Train: Take the Collegetown Shuttle Blue Line or CityLink Green (leaves from Fairmount Ave. and Towsongate Dr.) to Penn Station and take a train (MARC is cheapest) to BWI Airport Station. A free shuttle operates between the station and the terminals every six minutes except between 1:00am and 5:00am when it arrives every 25 minutes. If riding with MARC, the train ticket costs five dollars and bus fare for the CityLink is $1.80. Journey times for this option can be the longest and vary depending on departure time. Be sure to check the schedules of trains and the Collegetown Shuttle before using this option.
  3. Light Rail: Take a 10-15 minute long Lyft/Uber or a 20-25 minute long CityLink Red bus towards Lutherville Station or the 93 bus towards Hunt Valley (leaves from Fairmount Ave. at Dulaney Valley Rd.) to Lutherville Station and an hour long Light RailLink ride to BWI Marshall Airport. This option can provide a compromise between price and journey time. Trains depart for BWI Marshall Airport every 30 minutes. Be sure to check the schedule and get on the right train, as not all trains go to the airport. The Lyft or Uber should cost approximately ten dollars and the bus and Light RailLink fare is $1.80 per ride. Light RailLink tickets can be purchased at the machine located at the station. Credit cards, debit cards, or cash can be used to purchase the fare. The journey can be completed in one and a half hours using Lyft or Uber, with sufficient time to purchase tickets before the Light RailLink departs. The BWI Marshall Airport Light RailLink station is situated at the international terminal. It only takes five minutes to walk to the Southwest Airlines terminal at the other end of the terminals loop.

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