Goucher Onion: Goucher Announces Newest Curriculum Addition: A Logging Department

PICTURED ABOVE: Goucher College President José Bowen shows the logging equipment to be used on campus at the announcement speech.

Photo Credit: Midway Equipment Sales LLC

Article by Ben Libeskind and Thomas Gernon 

Goucher College President José Bowen has announced the founding of the Campus Logging Center. The activities of the new center will produce lumber for the ongoing and future construction projects on campus. “Students will be given the opportunity to gain valuable job skills and leave the school with a degree that is actually useful, all while contributing to the development of the college,” Bowen said at the announcement speech.

Programs will include tree felling, lumber processing, and lumber transportation. The Equestrian Club will be reorganized to meet the new demand of lumber transportation. When asked about the environmental impact of cutting down so many trees, Bowen replied: “Not to worry, everything is in accordance with the 3 R’s philosophy of Goucher: resilience, resources, and reducing spending.”

Operations are due to commence at the start of the 2018-2019 term.

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