Friday Evening “Siren” Noise Rings Through Campus

Article by: Ben Libeskind 


Concrete Work at the Hampton Plaza building generated a siren-like noise that could be heard throughout campus

A shot blasting machine preparing the concrete surface on level A of the Hampton Plaza parking garage.

Students, faculty, and staff on campus the evening of Friday October 19th between 6:00pm and 9:00pm heard a ringing noise as they headed to dinner on Friday. The noise could be described as a siren, similar to a tornado or air raid siren originating from south of campus. Some took to the GopherApp feed, inquiring as to what the noise was.

Concrete work on level A of the Hampton Plaza parking garage on the corner of Fairmount Avenue and E. Joppa Road was the source. Dennis Diaz, who was managing the operation said that the work crew from Prepcon Inc. was shot blasting the concrete surface prior to the application of a treatment that protects against water damage. Shot blasting involves a revolving barrel with steel “fins” against the concrete surface which was the source of the sound, said a site worker who wishes to be unnamed. No actual siren was used. The process is used to clean and remove debris and previous coatings from concrete, typically before a new protective coating is applied such as in this case. Work was scheduled to resume on Saturday as crews apply the new protective surface.


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