Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Fired

Article by: Lucy Keyser 

The following article contains segments of a letter provided by the Women’s Lacrosse team. To ensure their safety, anonymity has been granted for the player who agreed to be interviewed. 


The coaches of the Women’s Lacrosse team were fired after being overthrown by the team. A week before the Goucher women’s first non-conference game, Coach Cat Thorsen and Assistant Coach Michaela Duranti were fired.

Complaints about the coaches began to surface weeks before their termination. “One of my teammates tore her ACL and she just kinda stood there and like laughed. and like she was like ‘just play around her’…She didn’t take any of our injures seriously”, Player One said.

On Thursday, February 7th, the yearly run test was conducted. Player One told the Eye that the run test conducted by Thorsen and Duranti consisted of completing 300-yard sprints to the 25-yard line and back, break for 90 seconds and another 300-yard sprint to the 50 and back.

The Chicago Bears receive a longer break during their run test than the women’s lacrosse team did. Only three girls passed the run test.

That following day, on Friday the 8th, the Women’s Lacrosse team got together and wrote a six-page letter explaining to the coaches their feelings and complaints. The team asked the coaches to listen to the entirety of the letter. The letter composed of six-pages depicted how the team felt mistreated and unheard due to the lack of respect given by the coaching staff. Player One said, “Everyone on the team was on board to show the coaches this letter.” The team gathered and read the letter to the coaches. Midway through the reading, the coaches left without a word.

The following is directly taken from the letter composed by the Women’s Lacrosse team to Coach Thorsen and Duranti. 

Letter P 1..png

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Later that evening the team was asked to attend one-on-one meetings in the head coaches office.

Player One said “It felt like the coach was trying to kick people off the team. In total 12 girls quit that day. Refusing to come back unless something is done.”

Following the one-on-one meetings, Coach Thorsen had a meeting with Athletic Director Andrew Wu, where she brought the letter to his attention. The team continued to practice. Player One said, “The Coach acted like nothing ever happened, nothing was brought up.”

Following the practice, the coaches were fired. The team was informed later that night.

The Eye asked Player One how she believed the remainder of the season would go, “A lot of it depends on us getting a coach. All of us came together. A lot closer.”

Following the termination of the coaches, the teammates that had quit have returned to the team.

Photo Credit: Goucher Athletics Website 

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