Alex Jones: Conduit to White Nationalism

Article by: Jonah Schweitzer


Alex Jones serves as an important stop on the journey to dangerous right wing ideology. The transition from more traditional conservative thinking to Alex Jones appears at first innocuous.

The average Fox news viewer can find a lot of points of agreeance with Alex Jones. Jones fiercely opposes illegal immigration, strongly supports the second amendment, and constantly advocates for Donald Trump. His off the cuff style and bravado are reminiscent of the president and can be entertaining in the same way. All of this, coupled with explicit support from Donald Trump himself, give Infowars the appearance of a reputable right-leaning news agency.

This is simply not the case. Infowars consistently spreads misinformation, and through doing so has caused tangible lasting damage. Leaving this aside, for a standard conservative, Alex Jones seems to have a lot to offer.

That is until one examines his rhetoric more closely. At which point, it becomes clear that alongside mainstream right-wing values, Jones is promoting white nationalism.

On August 18th, 2015 David Duke, a former member of the American Nazi Party and Ex-Grand Wizard of the KKK, appeared on The Alex Jones Show. Before the interview, Jones seemed to believe that the two disagreed on most issues, the ostensible purpose of Duke’s appearance being for Jones to debate him. However, over the course of their two-hour conversation, it becomes clear that the two agree on most major points.

Predictably, they’re both pro-life, and against gun control. Unfortunately, though, their matching outlook extends to much more alarming beliefs. Towards the beginning of the interview, Jones states that the left wing is using white guilt as a weapon to destroy, “Western culture.” Duke, then, heartily agrees. Both men also find common ground in the idea that there’s a growing racism against whites in America. In their respective publications they’ve each promoted this narrative repeatedly.

Race science, a widely discredited theory which links race to intelligence, is also lauded by both during the interview. The theory is a popular white nationalist talking point, which both men have a long history of promoting.


This is all damning, but David Duke and Alex Jones share one conviction more important than the others. Their world views are both reliant on the belief in a nefarious cabal, made up of the wealthy and the elite. Both blame their respective cabal for all of the world’s evils. The one key difference being, Alex Jones refers to this group as the Globalists. David Duke refers to them as either Zionists or The Jews. The ideology they espouse is effectively identical, apart from this one disagreement, a point this caller perfectly elucidates.


Three listeners call in during the show, none of them seem at all bothered by the ex-Klansman’s rhetoric. The leap from fearing Jones’ generalized boogeyman, to Duke’s specific one isn’t a difficult transition.

Alex Jones is not a white nationalist, but the ideology he promotes on his show conforms easily to a white nationalist world view. This allows fans of Infowars to smoothly transition from an alignment with Alex Jones, to supporting someone like David Duke.

Many fans of Tucker Carlson undergo this same process when they discover Infowars. Moving a step to the right, from traditional Republican views, over to Alex Jones’ manner of thinking. This evolution of Fox news fans, into fans of Infowars, is dangerous. Not simply because Infowars constantly reports misinformation, but also because Infowars facilitates the transition into white nationalism.

Racists have a complicated relationship with Alex Jones. They share a lot of values, but Jones refuses to openly define the Globalists as any particular minority group; creating tension.

Should he change his mind, though, racist groups are waiting for him with open arms. After Jones doubled down on his support for Donald Trump, the world’s foremost neo-nazi publication, The Daily Stormer, posted, “Our old nemesis Alex “Jew Wife” Jones has been in the throes of a great transformation over the past year, moving away from tinfoil and cuckoldry into the realm of shitlording. […] I have never cared about personalities. What I care about is stopping the Jews. Period. If Alex is willing to dump his autistic conspiracy gibberish and libertarian autism and climb about the VICTORY SHIP, then as far as I’m concerned – welcome aboard, comrade.”




Photo Credit: Alex Jones attending Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s hearing before the House Judiciary Committee at Capitol Hill on December 11, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Abaca Press / Sipa USA via AP)

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