Meet GIG Performer: B. Aull

Article by Kylie Miller.

This year’s celebration of Get into Goucher (GIG) is happening tomorrow. GIG is a popular event put on by the Office of Student Engagement every spring semester. Classes after 12pm are cancelled so that the Goucher community can enjoy food, activities, and live music performances. This year, students were able to vote on music artists they want to perform at GIG. One of the artists that was chosen to perform is B. Aull, who is performing at 7pm tomorrow. Before then, learn more about B. Aull in this interview with the Goucher Eye.

Where does the stage name “B. Aull” come from?

B. Aull: Well, to be honest, it’s just my first name initial and my last name. Everybody in middle school started to call me “B. Aull” and it suddenly became my nickname. When I started making music and needed an alias to go by, “B. Aull” just seemed like the perfect fit.

What lead you to pursue music?

B. Aull: The first thing I ever recorded was actually a diss rap towards a kid in my high school who was throwing shade my way. The rest of the high school heard it and thought I was pretty good and many encouraged me to keep going. I had always loved music, and growing up with a mom who loved hip-hop got me into it even more. The thing that hammered it home for me was seeing J. Cole perform at a 500 cap venue in Portland, ME back in 2011 right after I started making my own music. That really was a moment where I was like, “okay….that’s what I want to do for a living.”

How would you describe your music style?

B. Aull: Bouncy, lyrical, melodic, and fun. I try to blend all of my favorite elements of hip-hop music. I grew up on and love the 90’s golden age of lyrical hip-hop, but at the same time I really gravitate towards the singing and melodies in today’s hip-hop. Finding a good balance is what I always strive for.

Where are you traveling from to perform at Goucher? 

B. Aull: Portland, Maine! This is where I’ve lived essentially my whole life. Winter’s are tragic…but otherwise it’s an amazing place. 

baull_prebtw_edit2Have you performed at colleges before? 

B. Aull: Yes indeed, I’ve performed at some colleges in the past and have some more coming up this spring. Over the past couple years I’ve done University of Maine, Hamilton College in NY, and Allegheny College in PA, just to name a few.

What are you most excited about to perform at Goucher? 

B. Aull: I’m just excited to be a part of GIG and also to see and meet the people! I’m a people person. In addition to being a musician, I also work at a radio station so talking to people is what I do. I’ve heard some good things about Goucher and the people who attend the school, so my expectations are high!

What should Goucher students expect your performance at GIG to be like?

B. Aull: Expect energy! I really enjoy engaging with the crowd and getting people involved in the show, and best believe we’ll be busting some moves. If you don’t like to dance and be a part of the show, don’t stand up front haha.

Is there anything else that you want everyone to know about you or your music?

B. Aull: If you see me around before or after the show, don’t be shy. Come say what’s up and we can chop it up. As far as for my music, I’ll let it speak for itself. You can find everything pertaining to me at and all of my social media is @AullThat. See you soon! 

Photos and videos courtesy of Alex Belanger.

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