Tension Builds in Overtime During March Madness NCAA Championship

Article by: Lucy Keyser 

Monday, April 8th, in Minneapolis, Texas Tech and the Virginia Cavaliers (UVA) went head to head for the 2019 NCAA championship, that went into the first overtime for the National Championship since 2008.

UVA was first seed while Texas Tech was third seed going into the tournament. Both teams were trying to win the first title in their program’s history. 

To get to the finals Texas Tech had to beat Northern Kentucky, Buffalo and then the second seed Michigan. They then went on to beat Gonzaga and Michigan State in the Final Four.

This time last year the Cavaliers were the first No. 1 seed but lost to the No. 16 seed. Now they have redeemed themselves to become the NCAA champions. De ‘Andre Hunter scored 27 points while Kyle Guy added 24 for Virginia. The team went 12-12 from the line for crucial free throws in overtime.

UVA had to beat Gardner-Webb in the first round, Oklahoma in round two. In the semifinals, UVA was quick to beat Oregon and Purdue and then secured their spot against Auburn to make it to the championships.

The final five minutes of the game the score was 51-57 Virginia had the lead but Texas Tech was holding on tight. At 2 Minutes and 24 seconds the game was tied 61 to 61 but Virginia could score a few more points to take the lead again, that didn’t stop Texas Tech. 40 seconds on the clock Virginia was up 65-64 but Texas Tech, Senior, Jarrett Culver came back making it 66-64 with 35 seconds left. Now down to 12 seconds remaining Virginias, Senior, De‘Andre Hunter tied it up to 68-68. Leading it into overtime.

The stadium was filled with excited tension, people cheering crazily for every point and every defensive block. Hearts were racing, the stadium was never silent. The emotions of the players were at an all-time high. Both teams players were working harder than they ever have. Sweat dripped from their heads, their sneakers squeaked on the floor, communication was at an all-time high from the coaches and players. The scoring didn’t stop until 5 seconds left to go. Texas Tech took their final shot at the three in hopes to gain some final points… the ball hit the rim and was rebounded by Virginia. That was it. Virginia held on to the ball for that final few seconds before chucking it into the air to start celebrating their win. The players went crazy, hugging, jumping and screaming, as did the fans of UVA. Some Texas Tech students put their heads down but shook hands with respect. The weight was lifted of  UVA’s shoulders and they finally won their first ever National Championship.


Photo from capitalonearena.viewlift.com

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