A Response to Student Criticism of My Political Expression

Letter by: Timothy O’Farrell 

This is an open letter to the public expressing Timothy O’Farrell’s opinion regarding previous events on Goucher’s campus involving him and his political opinion. 

This letter includes direct quotes from the Gopher App. The Eye has granted anonymity to students involved.


“Racist,” “Homophobe,” and “Transphobe”; those are three pretty aggressive words to describe someone. That is what I was accused of for simply wearing a visor on the campus of Goucher College.

fullsizeoutput_b00I wore a “Make America Great Again” red visor to class. Later, that day I received notice on the Goucher app that someone had posted: “Did anyone see the student in the MAGA hat?” That was the beginning of it all for me, where I started to receive unjust assumptions about myself based on a visor I wore supporting my political views.

I was later compared to the Nazis and also told I can “go choke.”

It is truly remarkable how just showing my support for the current president makes me a “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” and “Nazi.” I cannot begin to comprehend the correlation between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. Hitler killed innocent people based on their religion. The assumption that I am supportive of that is truly disgusting.


I was insulted to see how Goucher students who love to talk all about diversity, cannot actually practice what they preach. I am sure if I was to say something to a student wearing an LGBTQ button or shirt, I would have already been thrown out of school by now. It is tragic that I clearly cannot express a different view at Goucher without being scrutinized for it.

At the end of the day, I do understand why certain people are upset. However, I am disgusted with the way they went about expressing it on an app. A good amount of our fellow students used memes, which was childish. I would have felt much better if someone would have come up to me to explain their discomfort with the visor, instead of ranting on an app. Trying to gang up on someone is ridiculous. What was said about me was disrespectful and the way they went about addressing it was wrong.




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