Growing Up

Article By:  Aurora Vargas


I remember when being happy was getting to go to the playground with your sibling and just having a great day but now being happy is a question of is it real or not. I remember when getting ice cream in the summer didn’t matter on your weight but now its counting carbs and hoping it doesn’t leave you feeling guilty. I remember when sleeping in the same bed as your sibling meant bonding but now as your older the only bonding you do is with a strange men. When growing up meant you had time to be a kid because you didn’t need to grow up yet but now kids are growing up at such young ages because they don’t have a parental figure. I remember when it was fun to be a kid and run around in shorts and t-shirts and have fun when it was safe to be outside now we have strangers looking at kids thinking how sexy they look.

When juice became vodka shots and toy cars became real cars and saying I love you turned into rough sex and your mom and dad were something you could rely on and your siblings were always there for you and the worst pain you felt was a broken heart. When we use to say “I’m so ready to grow up” and now realizing being grown up is full of stupid things. Like men who cat- call little girls and men touching girls without permission and mothers forgetting their own kids and teenagers having mental breakdowns because they cant make their parents proud enough. Little girls and boys growing up so early because they need there siblings to have someone to look up too. When teenagers changing their clothes, their hair, their way of thinking, the way they act just to be liked by a society that still thinks being fat is shameful and being skinny is the new aesthetic.

This is growing up when the world around you changes and the people adapt and change to and soon familiar faces become ghosts that don’t matter and when you see guys dating girls ten years younger then them. When growing up was a option and now it’s a way to survive, when taking fighting classes was a way to vent out stress but now it’s a way to survive at night. Wearing your favorite dress and skirt didn’t make you a target but now growing up woman and men are targets for mostly everything and things like going out with friends, going for a walk, being alone in your house became unsafe. This is what growing up is about when things around you change and you try to change with it but realizing your the only  hope anyone has of not being a brainless monsters, when telling the truth got you into arguments and lonely nights made you feel broken. Growing up is hard enough when your doing it to soon.

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