OPINION: Goucher College Should Shut Down Preemptively for The Corona Virus

Article by: Ty Johnson

 Maryland’s number of positive COVID-19 cases is rising. This, coupled with the closure of various educational facilities is creating an uproar in the Goucher community. There is a variety of information about the disease online. A lot of our questions about the virus itself have been answered. However, one question remains: Should Goucher close its doors and begin remote instruction? 

 I believe that Goucher should transition to online schooling. Based on what I’ve seen on the Gopher App, there are an immense amount of students who would agree with me. Goucher’s Administration has been silent on this topic, as they’ve been “focusing” on students who are currently abroad. The possibility of the college’s closure is floating in the air; however, it’s time to take action. As we currently know, neighboring schools such as Towson U, Morgan State, JHU, and Loyola have officially closed their campus grounds to lessen the chances of an epidemic on campus. While their schools may have more students, Goucher should still take the same precautions. 

 On the other hand, I know that some people would disagree with the students of Goucher going home, and starting remote instruction. This is due to various personal issues. International students being unable to return home, a good amount of students who live out-of-state can’t afford to get transportation home, and several seniors want to finish their final semester rather than have it cut short. On top of this, the student body brought their entire lives with them onto campus, and some students simply do not want to spend months at home with their aggravating families. The CDC has asked that schools refrain from closing down. According to Live Science, many experts agree that we also shouldn’t close until transmissions of the COVID-19 have been detected in the community. However, I believe that this is a terrible idea. According to the World Population Review, Baltimore County has a growing population of 828,603 people. While there may not be a positive case in the media, this doesn’t mean that one out of the 828,603 people haven’t contracted the virus. I believe that we shouldn’t wait for the transmission to spread because that affects the safety of our students, administrators, and staff in a negative way. 

 As of today, Goucher’s main priority should be focusing on the safety and protection of the student body on campus. There is an idea that the COVID-19 will only detrimentally affect the elderly. However, this isn’t necessarily true. There are students on our campus who aren’t able-bodied, and therefore more susceptible to the virus. The students of Goucher have spoken, and they believe that there isn’t enough being done about this situation. 

Overall, other universities are taking the necessary steps to protect their students and staff. I believe Goucher should be doing the same. While the CDC wants us to wait, this isn’t ideal. There are various active cases in the state of Maryland, and as we know, COVID-19 spreads like wildfire. Because of this, I believe Goucher should close its doors for at least two weeks because the protection of every person on this campus comes first. 

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  1. Good article. I believe the students should remain off campus for a short period of time, but I would like to read an opinion on “the return.” Many students are traveling out of state and returning back to school. Would returning pose a greater threat of contracting COVID-19 than remaining on campus, even through spring break?

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