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The Dream Peddler-Chapter 2

By: Benji Gutsin The girl’s face lit up with utmost glee. “That one! I want to have that dream!” she said reaching out for the small vial. The Dream Peddler nodded and gave her a pat on the head. “Okay, little one, it’s yours. But you have to promise not to lose it.” They opened

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Yowl-A Tribute to Allen Ginsberg’s Howl

Photo Provided by Google Images  By Destiny Lugardo I saw artistes, once lingering by poolside recliners, now obliterated, ostracized, and agonized by persistent tragedies who stretched out to the threshold of the bed— waiting for amnesty and Two thousand words who succumbed by sturdy contrast to the misunderstandings of Zen meditation who became an investigator

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The Dream Peddler: Chapter One

Written By: Benji Gutsin   “Murderer! Murderer!” a shrill voice screeched. The Dream Peddler looked up and around them. They were surrounded. “Grab them! Grab them! “Don’t let them get away!” “No, please you–– try to understand!” Red and black figures flashed through their vision as they looked around, afraid and scared. Everything seemed to be

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