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It Takes a First-Year Village: The Student Perspective

Article Written By: Kylie Miller Goucher College is currently in the process of completing several extensive construction plans. One of the larger projects is The First-Year Village. Goucher’s Community Matters Blog defines this as “a ‘village’ for 450 first-year students to live, work, and socialize… The village is designed for interaction, with prominent communal areas […]

Gophers Up in Smoke

Article Written By: Nikita Golizdra  March 8th, 2017 marked the date of the first smoking policy initiative meeting. Taking place at the conference room in Dorsey, the “working group” outlined the first strategies that moved Goucher towards a smoke-free campus. The “working group” was assembled in response to recent student hospitalizations due to respiratory complications […]

First Town Hall of 2017-2018 School Year

  Videos Captured by Kianna Haskin  Wednesday, September 13th marked the first Town Hall meeting here at Goucher. Due to recent events effecting Goucher students the speakers chose to talk about; Title IX Roll Backs, DACA, and Federal Financial Aid cuts. Nina Kasniunas, Associate Professor of Political Science spoke on Financial Aid Cuts. Karen Sykes, International Student […]

Getting into GIG

By: Lillian Margola One of Goucher’s most popular events, “Get Into Goucher” (GIG), is on April 7th. Everyone is really excited for this annual event.  For those of you who don’t know, GIG is a spring carnival that Goucher has for its students every year. Afternoon classes are cancelled. There are bands that perform, game […]