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Swimming with the Sharks

By: Kianna Haskin  On Friday September 1st, the Goucher Independent Music Club hosted young artists from the East Coast, including Shark Club, a band based out of South Brunswick, New Jersey. Due to inclement weather, the concert was held inside the Athenaeum. Despite the change in location, over a hundred students attended the show. November […]

Video Game Round-Up: April

By: Michael Savich Hello, I’m Michael Savich , a writer for The Goucher Eye. I occasionally do reviews of larger games, but as the local cyber-hipster, I also play a lot of smaller, quirky games that nevertheless deserve a shoutout. So, instead of doing a regular review for each one, I’m going to do a […]

Lego Batman Review

By: Michael Savich After the smashing success that was 2014’s The Lego Movie, it was only natural that a slew of sequel properties would follow. The first of those to make it through the pipeline is The Lego Batman Movie. Fans of The Lego Movie will remember that Will Arnett’s lovably narcissistic version of Batman […]

Uber (is) Annoying

Article By: Samantha Cooper   Uber has made the news in recent weeks due to the CEO’s position on the Trump board, which he later stepped down from and for the breaking the taxi strike during a protest regarding Trump’s immigration ban. Admittedly, I didn’t delete Uber then; I didn’t think that switching over to […]