How are Locator attachments measured?

The tissue cuff height measurement must be taken at each implant site using the deepest side of the tissue for measuring from the apical shoulder of the implant to the crest of the tissue. If the measurement is 3 mm, choose a 3 mm tissue cuff height for the Locator Abutment.

Using a periodontal probe, measure the height of the gingiva at the highest point and select the cuff height of the LOCATOR Abutment that corresponds to that measurement. If it is 2mm, choose a 2mm cuff height. An additional 1.5mm of Abutment height will extend above the gingiva to accommodate for the Denture Cap.

Furthermore, how do you choose locator abutment? Select the proper Locator abutment based on the prosthetic platform and the tissue height. Measure the tissue thickness from the top of the implant to the crest of the gingiva at its highest point. Choose the abutment cuff height that exactly equals the tissue height or is slightly taller.

In this manner, what is a locator attachment?

LEGACY LOCATOR Attachment System is the most globally recognized and trusted brand for overdenture restorations. Combining innovative patented technology with availability in more than 350 implant connections has propelled it to be the preferred choice of clinicians with more than 2 million satisfied patients.

What is a locator denture?

LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant System. The LOCATOR Overdenture Implant is a permanent two-piece Implant solution that incorporates the industry’s gold standard LOCATOR Attachment System available in narrow or standard ridge diameters.

What implant is that app?

App Description is a free reference that is working to collect a comprehensive database of implant radiographs world wide to assist dental practitioners in answering this question. We are now proud to offer a mobile app to help with this ever growing problem!

What is a multi unit abutment?

Multi-Unit abutments are intended to be connectors between the dental implants and multiple implant screw-retained restorations. ( Figure 1) There are usually 3-4 angle correction options to choose from, ranging from straight – 0º to 45º.

What is implant overdenture?

Fixed, Implant Supported With this treatment, the overdenture and bar are a one-piece framework secured using screws to implants placed into your upper and/or lower jaw. The overdenture is only removable by a Dental Clinician and is the most like natural teeth due to not having flanges and not resting on the gums.

What is a retrofit denture?

Give Your Denture Increased Chewing Power and Stability. Placing implants and retrofitting your existing denture is known as denture stabilization. With your denture stabilized by dental implants, loose dentures, and all of the inconvenience and discomfort, are a thing of the past.

How do you reline a denture locator?

take reline impression and use Locator analogs to make reline model. I’ve found that it’s more consistent to remove the existing metal housings, insert black processing inserts, place assembly over female abutments and then take reline impression. The analogs would then be inserted and reline model fabricated.