Is French culture high or low context?

France (like any culture)can only be said to be high or low in context in relation to another. For example, compared to Germany, it is high context. Compared to the chinese, it is low context.

A good example of a highcontext culture, and one that often baffles Americans, is France. While it is not at the extreme end of the spectrum (where Japan and China are found), understanding how communication works in and with France is a good preparation be- fore interacting with other highcontext cultures.

One may also ask, what is a low context culture? Lowcontext cultures are those that communicate information in direct, explicit, and precise ways. This is in contrast to high-context cultures, which communicate in ways that are implicit and rely heavily on nonverbal language. The United States of America is a country that has a lowcontext culture.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the difference between a high and low context culture?

Highcontext cultures are those that communicate in ways that are implicit and rely heavily on context. In contrast, lowcontext cultures rely on explicit verbal communication. Highcontext cultures are collectivist, value interpersonal relationships, and have members that form stable, close relationships.

What is an example of high context culture?

Examples of high context countries include: Japan, China, and the Arab countries. Examples of low context cultures include: Scandinavia; Germany, and the US.

How do people in France communicate?

French people communicate formally. Thus, when a person is communicating with French people, language, gestures and expression must be considered. From the communication style, communicating with French people appears as unfriendly, strict, organized and professional because social status must always be considered.

Is Greece a high context culture?

Greece has a very high-context orientated culture, which means that the Greeks tend to convey covert and explicit messages which are internalized.

Is French a business language?

French is a global business language, and knowledge of French can lead to career opportunities. A 2011 Bloomberg study found French to be the third most useful language for international business, with only English and Mandarin Chinese more useful.

Is France individualistic or collectivist?

In Individualist societies people are supposed to look after themselves and their direct family only. In Collectivist societies people belong to ‘in groups’ that take care of them in exchange for loyalty. France, with a score of 71, is shown to be an individualist society.

Is France Polychronic or Monochronic?

Polychronic cultures like to do multiple things at the same time. A manager’s office in a polychronic culture typically has an open door, a ringing phone and a meeting all going on at the same time. Polychronic cultures include the French and the Americans. The Germans tend to be monochronic.

Is India high context or low context?

India and Japan are typically high-context, highly collectivistic cultures, where business is done by building relationships and maintaining respectful communication. Individualistic cultures promote the development of individual values and independent social groups.

What is context in culture?

The context is basically the background or framework surrounding the act of communication. Hall described many Asian, Middle Eastern, South American, and African cultures as high context cultures. Low context cultures, on the other hand, tend to emphasize the individual. They value logic, facts, and being direct.

Is Japan a low context culture?

Japan is what some sociologists call a “high context” culture, similar to other Asian (and Middle Eastern) cultures, and in contrast to many European (and American) cultures, which are described as “low context.” The explanation was formalized by the anthropologist Edward T. Hall in his 1976 book Beyond Culture.

Is Russia a high context culture?

Russia is a high-context culture that emphasizes all three dimensions of Attitudes, Behaviors, and Cognitions. In a high context culture, “everything matters” (Bevington, Blevins, & Heaton, 2003) and many things are taken for granted.

Why is Germany a low context culture?

Germany has a “low context culture”; the information which is made explicit is extensive. In other words, the Federal Republic is well-known for an extremely direct way of speaking about things. This is what the cultural standard “Direct communication style” is about. The goal is that the information is conveyed.

What high context means?

High context refers to societies or groups where people have close connections over a long period of time. Many aspects of cultural behavior are not made explicit because most members know what to do and what to think from years of interaction with each other.

How is China a high context culture?

The Chinese have a high context and nonverbal style of communication. It is high context in the sense that certain knowledge is already assumed. This is opposed to a low context culture, where more information is exchanged during each communication.