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Anti-Black Hate Crime on Campus Sparks Demonstrations

Article by Ben Libeskind Photos by Thomas Gernon   For Adam Jones ‘20, Wednesday morning started with a knock on his door at approximately 5:30 am. It was the Baltimore City Police Department. At first, they asked was if he was okay. The reason: graffiti depicting a slur stating that “I’m gonna kill all n*****s”

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Gophers Up in Smoke

Article Written By: Nikita Golizdra  March 8th, 2017 marked the date of the first smoking policy initiative meeting. Taking place at the conference room in Dorsey, the “working group” outlined the first strategies that moved Goucher towards a smoke-free campus. The “working group” was assembled in response to recent student hospitalizations due to respiratory complications

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Fire Breaks Out in Stimson

By: Samantha Cooper On Saturday, April 22, a fire broke out underneath Stimson dining hall. The fire, according to Captain Marks, was started because, “There was a plastic cover on a heating and air conditioning unit in the basement that caught on fire, creating smoke in the building.” There was mild damage to the unit

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