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Baltimore’s Green Party candidate for President

Article by: Jonah Schweitzer Ian Schlakman’s focus seems to be local. His approaches to both politics, and to activism are aimed at making substantial changes, on a small scale. Ironically, he’s currently campaigning to be president of the United States. Ian Schlakman is seeking the Green Party’s nomination to be their presidential candidate. He’s a

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Donald Trump’s Campaign Chairman, and his Bloody Past

Article By: Jonah Schweitzer  Paul Manafort, age 69, is currently serving a 7 1⁄2 year prison sentence on felony charges of fraud, and conspiracy. Manafort is most well known for his role as Donald Trump’s campaign chairman during the 2016 presidential election, but he’s had a decades-long career colored by countless deaths, and ties to

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Alex Jones: Conduit to White Nationalism

Article by: Jonah Schweitzer   Alex Jones serves as an important stop on the journey to dangerous right wing ideology. The transition from more traditional conservative thinking to Alex Jones appears at first innocuous. The average Fox news viewer can find a lot of points of agreeance with Alex Jones. Jones fiercely opposes illegal immigration, strongly

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