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Video Game Round-Up: April

By: Michael Savich Hello, I’m Michael Savich , a writer for The Goucher Eye. I occasionally do reviews of larger games, but as the local cyber-hipster, I also play a lot of smaller, quirky games that nevertheless deserve a shoutout. So, instead of doing a regular review for each one, I’m going to do a […]

History of the Computer

By: Michael Savich It’s no secret that computers have undergone a breakneck-speed innovation since they were first invented. There have been plenty of timelines of computer history, but “The Evolution of Computer Screens,” sent in by a reader, Vince Nero, possesses an uncommon level of pizazz and polish. The focus of the timeline is on […]

What the toot is Mastodon?

By: Michael Savich If you’ve been on Twitter recently, you might have heard whispers of a service called “Mastodon.” Whether it’s people asking what Mastodon is, or people saying that they’re leaving Twitter for Mastodon, the buzz has gotten to the point that major publications have covered it. So what is Mastodon, exactly, and why […]