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Discussing the issues: An interview with Lancelot Napier Kane, student presidential candidate.

By: Samantha Cooper Though the polls are closed, the winner of Goucher’s student presidential elections has not been revealed. The Goucher Eye had an opportunity to speak with the second candidate sophomore Lancelot Napier Kane about his platform, and his plans to tackle the issues set upon him by the student body and faculty. (4/17/2017: This interview has been updated

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Discussing the issues. An interview with Lee Block, student president candidate

By: Samantha Cooper Editor-in-Chief Goucher’s student elections are coming to a close at midnight on March 31st. This election comes at a particularly important time, as Goucher is in the midst of a transition: the campus is under construction, the curriculum is changing, and many new policies are under debate. These are things that are affecting

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