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Movie Review: Finding The Right Footage

Article written by Sam Stashower. Change comes gradually, especially in movies. It’s a generally accepted truism that Hollywood is always late to the uptake, always hopping on trends years (decades, even) after they’re relevant (hi, The Angry Birds Movie!) Only rarely does a single film come along and draw a line in the sand; a

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Video Game Roundup Review: Platformers Special Part 2

This is part two of my review roundup of platforming games I’ve played recently. You can view part one here:  Video Game Roundup Review: Platformers Special Part I Article by Michael Savich Mutant Mudds (3DS, PC, PS4, Switch, etc.) ~$9.99 While most modern platformers emphasize fast and frenzied gameplay, Mutant Mudds is different. It encourages slow

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

By: Michael Savich You wake up in a mysterious, dark cave surrounded by ominous glowing machinery. After a jaunt down a long hallway, you emerge onto a rocky outcropping that overlooks a world seemingly reclaimed by nature. Emerald hills sprawl out towards distant mountains, and what few man-made structures you can spot are falling apart.

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