What is a cremone bolt?

Definition of cremone bolt. : a fastening used on double doors and casement windows that has vertical rods moved up and down so that the ends of the bolts engage the top and bottom of the frame.

A cremone bolt secures a window or door with a surface-mounted vertical rod. The turn of a handle raises or lowers the rod into a locked position at the bottom or top of the door. Mounted on the surface instead of internally, the cremone bolt is more decorative than secure.

Also, what is a flush bolt for doors? Flush bolts are recessed into the door edge (top and bottom) and slide upward or downward into the jamb (or threshold) to keep the door closed.

Similarly, what is a surface bolt?

Surface bolts, like the name implies are mounted to the surface of the door which makes them easier to install than flush bolts that are often used and recessed into the edge of the door. Surface bolts are also used to hold dutch doors together, or as an additional security bolt mounted horizontally on a door.

How do I install surface bolts?

SURFACE BOLT INSTALLATION Most surface bolts include hardware for mounting to the top or the bottom of the door. 2. Hold the bolt 1/2″-3/8″ from the edge of the door when retracted. If your bolt has concealed screw holes (A), slide the bolt to expose the holes and use a pencil to mark the hole locations.

How does a surface bolt work?

Unlike Flush Bolts, Surface Bolts are not mortised into the door. Instead, many are simply secured with screws to the door. Surface Bolts work by sliding the bolt into the strike; for this reason, they are also known as Slide Bolts.

How do you install a flush bolt?

How to fit the flush bolt keep into the frame. Next, slot the flush bolt into the hole and be sure to pilot drill the holes before screwing it up. Finally, screw the door back on and close it. Flick the lever so the bolt goes up and mark around it on the floor or head of the door lining.

How do you install a surface bolt on a door?

Installing Surface Bolts on French Doors Purchase a surface bolt. Gather a tape measure, pencil, and drill. Mark the position where you want the surface bolt to be placed on both the door and the inside frame. Mark the place for and then install the upper plate inside the door jamb. Mark the bolt position of the brackets on your door and then install.

What is Astragal on a door?

The astragal closes the clearance gap created by bevels on one or both mating doors, and helps deaden sound. The vertical member (molding) attaches to a stile on one of a pair of either sliding or swinging doors, against which the other door seals when closed. Exterior astragals are kerfed for weatherstripping.

What is a door bolt?

A door bolt is a type of lock that is used to keep doors shut. They are often fastened with padlocks for extra security.

What are flush bolts used for?

Flush bolts are used on pairs of doors to secure the inactive leaf, projecting into the frame head and into a floor strike.

What is a dead latch plunger?

The Deadlocking Plunger Weakness. “Deadlocking plunger” (also called “deadlatch plunger” or “deadlock plunger”) is the name of a very important piece of a door lock assembly; it keeps a locked door from being opened with a small screwdriver or credit card.

What is a barrel bolt?

noun. a rod-shaped bolt for fastening a door or the like, attached to one side of the door at the edge and sliding into a socket on the frame of the opening.

What is a latch on a door?

1. door latch – spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key. latch. lock – a fastener fitted to a door or drawer to keep it firmly closed. Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection.

How do you fix a stuck bolt flush?

Fix Stuck or Jammed Dead Bolts Step 1: Lube the lock cylinder. Photo 1: Lube the keyway. Leave the lock cylinder on the door and spray inside the keyway. Step 2: Lube the bolt mechanism. Photo 2: Lube the bolt. Remove the two screws that hold the lock cylinder and pull it from the door.

What is a dust proof strike?

A dust proof strike spring-loaded plunger returns to floor or threshold level anytime flush bolt is retracted, eliminating need to clean standard floor strikes.

What is a door coordinator?

(7) Coordinator ensures that door leaves close in proper sequence (pairs only). The same situation occurs when a pair of fire doors is equipped with an overlapping astragal – the proper leaf has to close first. The function of a coordinator is to ensure that the leaves of a pair close in the proper sequence.

What is a manual flush bolt?

Manual flush bolts are often the preferred method of locking the inactive leaf on those pairs, rather than panic hardware on both leaves or automatic flush bolts and a coordinator.

What are automatic flush bolts?

Flush bolts are a particular type of bolt that is flush, or even, with the side of the door. An automatic flush bolt depends on the opening, and closing of a double door to operate properly. Manual flush bolts are common on French-style doors, while automatic flush bolts are common on doors used as fire exits.