What is corduroy Wale?

Corduroy is a textile with a distinct pattern, a “cord” or wale. As a fabric, corduroy is considered a durable cloth. Corduroy is found in the construction of trousers, jackets and shirts. The width of the cord is commonly referred to as the size of the “wale” (i.e. the number of ridges per inch).

Wale Count & Types of Corduroy The width of the wales defines the texture of the Corduroy. This is measured by the number of wales per square inch, e.g. 14-Wale. Corduroy with wider wales, such as 1.5, is often used on upholstery or hard wearing trousers, while a wale measurement of 14 will make for a finer garment.

Secondly, what is corduroy made of? Usually made of cotton or cotton blended with such man-made fabrics as rayon and polyester, corduroy is woven with loose threads that are then cut to create a pile, or thick, soft texture. Most corduroy has ridges, or wales, of this pile that run the length of the fabric.

Similarly, what does 8 wale corduroy mean?

The classic 8 wale (a wale is the raised stripe, and corduroy is measured in wales per inch) corduroy suit. Straight leg fit. Great weight to this fabric (470gsm), perfect for when the weather turns sharp. 100% Italian cotton corduroy.

What happens when you cut corduroy?

Whether you‘re preparing the fabric for cutting or maintaining a finished garment, press corduroy as little as possible. Allowing the weight of the iron to rest on a napped fabric can permanently crush it. Corduroys shed most wrinkles if they‘re left to hang for a day or two, or you can steam just above the surface.

Why is corduroy expensive?

Corduroy is a soft but durable fabric. By the late 1800s corduroy was being woven of cotton and mass-produced in factories. Cotton corduroy clothing became very popular with the working classes as it is durable but not expensive.

Is corduroy warmer than denim?

The argument that corduroy feels warmer than denim and therefore perfect for cold weather is interesting because both fabrics are 95 – 100% cotton. But corduroy is softer and cozier than denim which might offer the illusion of extra warmth.

Why is corduroy so popular?

By the turn of the 19th Century the ribbed corduroy fabric is very popular with both country gentlemen and farmers alike. However, by Victorian times, corduroy starts to be seen as the urban working man’s uniform due to its inflexibility for fashionable-shaped tailoring and its durability.

Is corduroy still in style?

Corduroy will never go out of style. Apart from its warmth, the great thing about corduroy is that it looks good in so many different kinds of wardrobes.

When can you wear corduroy?

Corduroy is a more casual fabric and is typically worn in spring, fall and winter.

Is corduroy good for winter?

Corduroy is a perfect winter fabric because it’s thick and soft and sure to keep you warm in freezing temps. It’s super versatile, so you can find a variety of different pieces made in the fabric. Corduroy pants, shirts and even coats are must-haves this time of year.

What do you wear corduroy with?

Corduroy goes best with smooth, solid garments that help bring out its natural texture. Light cotton slacks with a tight weave pair well with corduroy jackets, while corduroy trousers are a natural mate to any lightweight cotton or linen shirt.

What year was corduroy popular?

First popular during the 1700s, corduroy was again trendy during the 1960s and 1970s.

Is corduroy hard wearing?

For most men, corduroy is something from their dad’s wardrobe – if not their grandad’s. Its rep for being a very sensible fabric – warm, hard-wearing, comfortable, impervious to spills and stains – has long made it a favourite of those who value practicality over aesthetics.

Is corduroy good for summer?

Warm Weather Corduroy In recent years, very fine-wale corduroy has become a popular material, particularly for womenswear. The material is thin and breathable and when worn in light colors, such as white, yellow and soft pink, can actually be worn during spring and summer.

Does corduroy stretch or shrink?

Washing corduroy Corduroy can shrink along the length of the fabric, so it is important to wash it at the correct temperature. You also need to ensure that the pile is not crushed or distorted.

Where does the word corduroy come from?

The word corduroy is from cord and duroy, a coarse woollen cloth made in England in the 18th century. The interpretation of the word as corde du roi (from French, the cord of the King) is a false etymology.

Is Corduroy a denim?

Although both fabrics are sturdy and commonly used for the construction of casual pants, denim and corduroy are fundamentally different fabrics. Denim is fairly simple, made from rugged twill. Corduroy, on the other hand, is a cousin of the velvet family, made with vertical ridges called wales.

How do you wash corduroy?

Choose a gentle cycle and if your corduroy is dark, wash in cold water. If it’s a pastel color, you can wash in warm water (unless the care label says otherwise). If you’re including other clothing in the wash, wash darks with darks and lights with lights. Tumble dry on extra low for just a bit then hang them to dry.